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Black GFs / Deana Dulce – Doing Deana

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Deana Dulce found a sexy bra in the house. She was upset with her boyfriend that he was cheating on her. But then they remembered their cousin was staying over and he had a girl over. It must have been her...

Black GFs / Keri Charmz – Lucky Keri

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Keri Charmz was getting ready to go out with her boyfriend. They wanted to introduce each other’s moms. Her boyfriend seemed very uneasy about this and tried to bully his way out of this. But first he star...

Black GFs / Janelle Taylor – Hot Janelle

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We got some more awesome footage of a guy bringing the camera over his girlfriends house. Janelle was pissed with her man since he was suppose to be over a while ago helping her out. Then he shows up with a camera...

Black GFs / Kitty Catherine – Pretty Kitty

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We’ve got some amazing footage of kitty looking really hot while her bf was following her around the house. She wanted nothing to do with it at first but then changed her mind when she figured she could get he...

Black GFs / Li Golden – Lovin Li

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Li Golden told her boyfriend to use his new camera to make a sex video with her. She started out by showing off this new trick she learned. She pulled her dress up, displayed that huge booty and made it clap. ...