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8th Street Latinas / Violet Starr – Starr Quality

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I was heading over to catch a movie with Sean when we ran into this smoking hot girl taking a survey. She had this skimpy tight red dress that showed off all her amazing curves. It was hotter than hell out...

8th Street Latinas / Annika Eve – Nailed It

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Caroline Ray had a property that she wanted Xander to invest in with her. Caroline invited him to come look at the property and she showed up looking super sexy in a dress. She was very willing to do whate...

8th Street Latinas / Violet Starr – Tan That Ass

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Violet Starr snuck into a friends tanning room after she realized no one was around. She wanted to keep her body tan line free, so she peeled off her skin tight outfit and oiled herself down. Once she was ...

8th Street Latinas / Martini Bows – Sweet Martini

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Bruno was going shopping with Evan at the mall. As they parked the car, a cutie approached them and explained that the repo man probably caught up to her and took her car with all her money and stuff in it...

8th Street Latinas / Maya Bijou – Beautiful Bijou

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Jamc got a call from Maya Bijou the other day. She must have sensed our presence because we weren’t far from her. She was at the mall ready to get some lingerie when she realized forgot her money, so s...

8th Street Latinas / Nicki Woods – Naughty Nikki

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Johnny posted a mirror for sale and Nicki Woods answered. We agreed that she would meet us outside of Johnny’s place to pick up the mirror. When she arrived, we were floored. Nicki was wearing high heels, a sh...

8th Street Latinas / Malina Mars – Man In Mars

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Driving down Hialeah and we come across a bad mamacita. We pull the quickest U and catch up to here. She tells us she’s on her way to the bus stop to make it to a video shoot. Hearing this is was gold to our e...

8th Street Latinas / Victoria Valencia – Dick On The Cob

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We rolled up on Victoria Valencia as she sold goods on the side of the road. This slim Latin was selling more than we could imagine. She immediately got real fresh and down to business. We didn’t hesitate and ...

8th Street Latinas / Maya Bijou – Street Talk

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So Im scrolling through the ad section and I come across a vintage car being sold for the low. I call my boy BradSterling and he starts freaking out that he needs to buy it! We link up and head out to see the ...

8th Street Latinas – Darling Deicide: My Darling

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While I was out with Jmac last week we spotted this cute Latina girl waiting at a bus stop in the rain. She was taking a bus because her boyfriend would not give her a ride so we started offering her one right...

[Reality Kings] 8th Street Latinas – Michelle Martinez: Michelles Ass

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So I took my buddy Sean Lawless out for a bite to eat celebrating his birthday. Like an asshole I nonchalantly parked the car in the handicap area thinking I could get away with it. After an hour drinks we com...

[Reality Kings] 8th Street Latinas – Emily Mena: Getting In Em

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A few days ago I had an astonishing time with the Emily Mena and being the amazing good friend that i’m, i decided to hook Sean up. We called her at the perfect time, her boss sent her home to change her inapp...

[Reality Kings] 8th Street Latinas – Demi Lowe: Damn Demi

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Out with my boy SeanLawless at the local finally getting serious about this fitness thing. It was a horrible weekend for me; doughnuts, ice cream, and those little juicy caramel apples at the local carnival, s...

[Reality Kings] 8th Street Latinas – Lacey Lucia: Loving Lace

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This week we have the lovely, Lacey Lucia. She was looking super sexy in that tight see through dress and high heels. They began by doing some salsa dancing. Lacey looked hot shaking her ass and tits. She bent ove...

[Reality Kings] 8th Street Latinas – Emily Mena: Latina Especial

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There was an accident with a bicyclist and the damages needed to be reported to the insurance agent. They met with Emily Mena in the parking lot and she took at the damages. She was looking super hot in that sexy ...

[Reality Kings] 8th Street Latinas – Calypsa Micca: Meat Handler

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Calypsa Micca came over to do a workout video with JMac. She was eighteen years old and looked super hot in that tight dress. She began the work out video by undressing and revealing her luscious body. She had a b...

[Reality Kings] 8th Street Latinas – Tia Cyrus: Tia Titties

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Slim, sexy, and 100% Latina, TiaCyrus was a bad one. She knew how to seduce a man to the fullest. Her art of seduction was unparalleled and she had that look that would make any man go crazy. She decided to pay us...

[Reality Kings] 8th Street Latinas – Trixie Tao: In The Crack

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We went to the beach to scope out our volleyball court to make sure it was open. We found this girl literally in our court. Out of all the beach she planted her chair in our lucky court. We tried to be polite as p...

[Reality Kings] 8th Street Latinas – Nikki Kay: Pretty Kitty

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Nikki Kay was left stranded in front of a pet store by her BF after warning her about buying more toys for her cat. Luckily we spotted the colombian beauty in distress and managed to persuade her to go to our plac...

[Reality Kings] 8th Street Latinas – Raven Redmond: Taste Test

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What better way of getting pussy than treating a chick to some sexy fucking lingerie. Thats exactly what Johnny’s intentions were with RavenRedmond. He knew she was a freak but hey, a gift wouldn’t hurt to guarant...

[Reality Kings] 8th Street Latinas – Jade Dylan: Tasting Dylan

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The guys were going to play basketball at the park when they noticed Jade Dylan riding around on her roller skates. She fell on the ground and Mirko ran to go help her. He helped her up and helped her to learn a l...

[Reality Kings] 8th Street Latinas – Taylor Reed: Pretty Taylor

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We were out at the grocery store with the super sexy Taylor Reed and she was feeling naughty. We had to get out of there in a hurry because she started to lift up her dress and show her sexy underwear off. One emp...

[Reality Kings] 8th Street Latinas – Luna Star: Lusting Luna

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We had a very hot masseuse named Saya show us her amazing talents last week, and you guys are in for a real treat. She started off with the usual oil rub down then found her way to his hard cock after some time. T...

[Reality Kings] 8th Street Latinas – Monica: Attack Of The Pussy

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Robby needed someone to film him doing some skateboarding tricks because he had a few sponsors interested in possible sponsoring him. We hit up a local park on an overcast day and along came Moniica with a big flo...

Zoey Velez in 8th Street Latinas video: Shake It Mami

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download: https://openload.co/f/bk_WD7aBDnk/shake_it_mami_big-3000.mp4

Sarai in 8th Street Latinas video: Hula Hotties

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Sarai in 8th Street Latinas video: Hula Hotties