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21 Naturals / Aisha B – Better Than Cat Videos

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Blonde Aisha kicks back like the sexy vixen she is, talking to her friend on her phone and checking out her latest social media feed. Toby comes along and just as amused. Her friends are so funny! The two ...

21 Naturals / Candee Licious – Candee Before Supper

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It’s a fine day for a lay in the sun and a fuck in the shade! Matt and Candee know how to let it all out and fuck like the sex gods endowed them. Candee is tanning topless outside and it’s only an hour bef...

21 Naturals / Alexis Brill – The Thought That Matters

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Alexis Brill is in the middle of leaving Csoky a surprise note on his home office desk for later and he catches her in the act! ‘Drop your weapon, love,’ he tells her. Alexis giggles and moves on to better...

21 Naturals / Chary Kiss – Taking Care

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There’s taking care of business and then there’s taking care of yourself. Today Chary is taking care of herself and a home-made manicure is just what she needs. She checks herself out in the mirror and is ...

21 Naturals / Denisa Deen – Pleasure Plains

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Denisa thought Max would walk in around that instant. He hadn’t seen her new sexy underwear yet and she thought the morning would be as good a time as any to surprise him. By the look on his face, it’s a s...

21 Naturals / Julia De Lucia – Caught In An Intimate Moment

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Julia De Lucia was feeling frisky and started playing alone with her golden vibrator. When her boyfriend walked in, he started giving her a passionate kiss that led to a mindblowing sex session.

21 Naturals / Suzy Rainbow – Housesitting By The Pool

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The poolside has never looked so alluring. What a great vacation in the Bermudas! The best part about housesitting for Suzy is that it comes with a hot neighbor… and she’s not so bad herself! He pulls aside he...

21 Naturals / Alessandra Jane – Surfing That Wave

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Young Alessandra Jane is all about relaxing this evening. She sits by the kitchen table and the sun hits her curves, kisses her shoulders and leaves her as tanned as an Australian surfer. What would be better ...

21 Naturals / Nikki Waine – Nikki And Kai Rumble

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Nikki walks in on her man practicing his boxing moves and gets turned on. Look at him go! He knows his stuff, and Nikki knows what she’s talking about as a boxer herself. Even his faults are attractive to her ...

21 Naturals / Sasha Rose – Joss Digs Sasha

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Joss digs on Sasha and she’s all his. Another day has gone by and he’s daydreamed again about nothing but her. Her soft curves, her foxy glare, her long black locks… Everything to Joss calls out to be loved. T...

21 Naturals – Zazie: Morning Desires

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Zazie wakes up with a morning urge that requires satisfaction. The beautiful all natural blonde gets her partner to help fufill her sexual appetite. She slowly wraps her mouth around his erect penis, working i...